Crestwood Crossing Phases 2 and 3

Construction Rendering - looking west. Syberg's Mexican Restaurant on left, Katie's Pizza on Right

Late last year, Dierbergs submitted their plans for Phase 2 of the Crestwood Crossing development. This phase focuses on the western portion of the property, where the old Famous Barr parking lot used to be. As you may have noticed, work has started. Bulldozers are adjusting the grades and work will soon begin to install the underground utilities needed for the new restaurants, the lighting, irrigation, and stormwater management.

I’m excited that two amazing restaurants will be constructed, with a cohesive and attractive gathering space between them. Katie’s Pizza is planning to open a new location at this site along with a new high-end Mexican restaurant owned by the Syberg’s family (restaurant name has not yet been announced). As you may know the Syberg's family owns many successful restaurants, including Twisted Tree and Helen Fitzgeralds. Both of these new locally owned Crestwood businesses will attract visitors from around the region and will be unique to the area.

Construction of the actual buildings will start later this year and both restaurants are expected to open in early 2025.

The gathering space will feature natural turf, a fountain designed to be attractive all year long (even during the winter when it’s not running), nice landscaping, benches and seating throughout, and even a stage for concerts and other events.

Some have asked about the road running through that gathering space. This is the existing “drive” that connects Sappington Road to the Dierbergs main site. While this road is not as busy as the two Watson Road entrances, there will still be vehicles using it. To help ensure safety for pedestrians in the area, the road will be resurfaced to match the other features in the space, crosswalks will be clearly indicated, and “flashing light” signs will remind drivers to watch for pedestrians. During large events such as a popular concert, or Cinco de Mayo, that road can be closed to traffic. It’s also worth noting that semi-trucks will not use that road – they use the entrances off Watson Road.

The entire Crestwood Crossing project is being developed in multiple phases. As part of the redevelopment agreement with the city, Dierbergs has deadlines for completing each of the phases. So far, they have exceeded all deadlines and actually completed some phases before they were required to start them.

The remaining phases to be completed are:

  • Gathering Space - Described above, the two restaurants and outdoor gathering space. This is expected to be completed in early 2025.
  • Demolition of the old Calvert’s Auto (recently Kirkwood Audi Service). That building is now vacant and will be removed this summer.
  • Additional restaurant or commercial location – another building will be constructed just east of the parking lot (Phase 2B). The due date for substantial completion is May 2025.
  • Final Phase – eastern portion of the property (adjacent and including the soon-to-be-removed Calvert’s Auto building). This will consist of multiple businesses facing Watson Road, but there will also be a “rear drive” behind those businesses connecting to the traffic lights on each side. The due date for substantial completion is not until 2026 or 2027. I anticipate this happening prior to those dates.

So, I think the Crestwood Crossing development will once again see active construction for the next few years.

Katie's above, Syberg's Mexican below

Looking West, Watson Road on left

Looking East, Katie's on left, Syberg's Mexican on right