There has been a flurry of activity at Whitecliff recently, and that will continue for another week or so.


This isn’t anything new. Each year the Parks and Recreation staff are working hard to get the Aquatic Center ready for summer. Once again, this year they will kick off the season with another SPLASHTACULAR grand opening on Friday May 24 from 5-8PM.  

Stop by and enjoy FREE ADMISSION to the Aquatic Center, Food Trucks, a DJ playing your favorite tunes, and more fun and games. I hope to see you there!


There will be a team of surveyors and engineers mapping out the park. This work is part of the site surveys needed for construction of the new community center (which will start mid-2025). Along with traditional surveying tools (including a bunch of stakes and flags), they will also be flying drones to help measure distances and map the terrain. While the new building will be located on the existing ball field, a much larger survey (most of the park) will be needed for the building permits.


If you have driven along Vauk road this week, you may have noticed that a new entrance into Whitecliff is being constructed. 

This is in preparation for the replacement of the main bridge into the park, which is scheduled to begin this fall. When that bridge is removed, a detour will be established to divert drivers to the temporary entrance and exit on Vauk.

Before and after that detour is in place, the new temporary road will be closed to traffic, just as the existing service road is today.

That is all – carry on.