Video - Crestwood Street Repairs 2023

It’s A World Premier!! - I’m thrilled to announce the start of a new way to communicate with Crestwood – Video!

I plan to periodically release more videos to share what’s going on with your Crestwood city government. Some of these clips will share exciting news, while others will simply share details on projects that may impact you. This first video will be one of those that may not be overly exciting – but shares those details important to the residents impacted by the repairs planned for over 25 streets this summer.

You can check out this first video HERE.

In this video, I asked Public Works Director James Swingle to give us an overview of the street repairs planned for 2023

The remainder of this post is an update of the article previously published in my 1Q Newsletter

Each year the city alternates between repairs to concrete and asphalt streets. 2023 is a concrete repair year. Repairs to concrete are made via the “selective slab” method, whereby defective slabs of concrete are identified and replaced – instead of replacing the entire street.

The following concrete streets will be updated this summer:

Buxton Drive
Joshua Drive
Laramie Drive
Lavant Drive
Rusticwood Trail
Sun Country Trail
Sun County Trail Cul-de-sac

The board of alderman also approved adding a really bad portion of Cordoba Lane to this list (approximately 20 slabs), so that also will be addressed this summer.

This year will also see the 100% replacement of Del Vista Drive, which used to be a concrete street, but at some point in the past (during tough budget years), the concrete was overlaid with asphalt without removing the defective concrete. This probably seemed like a simple fix back then, but now it's time to replace that defective concrete below with a completely new concrete street. This full replacement is VERY expensive and represents about 1/3 of the entire 2023 project cost. Unfortunately, many other streets in Crestwood have this same asphalt-over-concrete construction and will require full replacement someday (about 30% of all streets).

Asphalt Rejuvenation – This is a fairly new tool for Crestwood, but it involves treating asphalt streets with a liquid designed to reactivate the binding components of asphalt and has been shown to extend the pavement life for additional years of service. This was first applied to multiple Crestwood streets back in 2021.

The process involves cleaning and prep work, application of the liquid, temporarily covering that with a layer of small gravel to allow the treatment to penetrate and dry, and later sweeping the street again to remove the gravel. The streets will look a bit blotchy and swirly at first but return to normal appearance after a few weeks. This year it will be applied to the following asphalt streets:

Satinwood Place
Whitecliff Park entry road

More information on this Rejuventor product can be viewed HERE.