NAACP Lawsuit Settlement

You may recall that back in April 2022 the NAACP sued Crestwood over its use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for the Crestwood Crossing Development.

On Thursday, May 11, 2023 a “Joint Stipulation of Dismissal” was filed with the courts indicating all parties dismiss all claims in the case. Basically the case is now dismissed.

Crestwood issued the following press release on Friday, May 12:

The NAACP’s lawsuit against the City of Crestwood has been voluntarily dismissed, as part of a settlement agreement between the parties.

The settlement specifies that no party is paying any damages, there is no impact on the Crestwood Crossing redevelopment project, both parties release all claims that are being made or could have been made as of the date of the agreement, and there is no admission of liability on the part of any party.

“This is great news for the City of Crestwood. Our settlement calls no for damages whatsoever, and the City’s legal expenses were completely covered,” said Crestwood Mayor Scott Shipley.

Dierbergs agreed to fund the City’s legal expenses under the terms of a preliminary funding agreement that was in effect prior to the lawsuit.

“We are happy this issue has been addressed and look forward to all of the exciting development activity occurring at the former mall site, Crestwood Crossing” said Mayor Shipley.

As that press release indicates – the City did not incur legal fees because of this and no settlement fees were incurred. It consumed staff time to deal with this matter, so yes I am glad that this has been fully addressed and we can focus on all of the good things in Crestwood’s future. Let's go.