November General Election Guide

It’s almost time again to head to the polls and place our ballot. The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

For Ward 3, Whitecliff Community Center is our “home” polling place, but you can visit any St. Louis County polling place to vote. Other nearby polling places include Grant’s View Library (Musick Road), Lindbergh Schools Central Office, and Crestwood City Hall. You can find a list of all polling places with “line tracker” updates on election day HERE.

The Board of Elections has posted 3 variations of the sample ballot for Ward 3, depending on where you live. Per the graphic above, here are those sample ballots:

If you live outside of Ward 3 or just want to look up your address to be sure… Click HERE (and enter your address).

The best “Election Guide” that I’ve found is from the League of Women Voters and the Post Dispatch. It can be accessed HERE. Again, you’ll need to enter your address to load the ballot. This guide provides links to the candidates and provides additional information on the issues. You can just review the ballot or indicate your ballot choices and print your results to bring to the polls.

This is one of those ballots where we decide if judges should keep their job. Most of us have no idea if a judge is doing a good job, so luckily the Missouri Bar Committee evaluates each of them and states if they should be removed. All of the judges on my sample ballot received the finding of “Meets performance standards”. The Post Dispatch Election Guide referenced above lists these findings for each judge.

Constitutional Amendments

There are several constitutional amendment issues on this ballot. Most were sponsored by our legislators in Jefferson City, but Amendment #3 (marijuana) was a result of an initiative petition. For some reason there is no amendment #2, just 1, 3, 4, and 5.

Amendment #1 (State Investments) – If passed would allow the State Treasurer to invest in municipal securities. This was approved 156-1 in the House and 32-0 in the Senate and has support of the MO State Treasurer. More info HERE.

Amendment #3 (Legalize Recreational Marijuana) – This ballot issue was from an initiative petition and has substantial backing from the major owners of medical marijuana facilities in Missouri. This has valid arguments on both sides of the measure. You can read more about it HERE.

The Post Dispatch recently posted an article against this measure – read it HERE.

The Missouri Independent posted an article about the PAC funding behind this measure – read it HERE.

Amendment #4 (Kansas City Police Funding) – This would change the minimum funding for KC Police from 20% of that city’s budget to 25%. Kansas City is the only police force still under state control. You can read more about it HERE.

Just for comparison, Crestwood’s Police Department funding is about 20% of the city’s total revenues.

Amendment #5 (MO National Guard) – This would change the chain of command such that the MO National Guard would report directly to the Governor. Today it reports through the MO Department of Public Safety. If passed, the National Guard Adjutant General would become part of the governor’s cabinet. This ballot measure was approved 126-2 in the House and 31-0 in the Senate.

MO Constitutional Convention – This appears on our ballot every 20 years, asking if we should hold a convention to review and revise our state constitution. Last time in 2002 this was rejected 65% to 35%.

A constitutional convention consists of elected delegates that propose changes to the state's constitution. Any proposed changes, including a rewritten constitution, must be approved by voters.

In 1942, under an older version of the Missouri Constitution, voters were asked about having a constitutional convention and said 'Yes.' It was that convention that led to the Missouri Constitution of 1945, which is the state's current constitution. The current constitution has been amended 119 times since that time.

St Louis Public Radio article - read it HERE

Missouri Independent article - read it HERE