MODOT will be holding a public meeting at the Crestwood Community Center (Whitecliff) on Thursday November 10 from 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm. Representatives will be attending to present information and answer questions about the planned Watson Road repaving project which is scheduled to begin in 2024.

The project scope starts in Sunset Hills at Geyer Road and extends through Crestwood and all the way to the St. Louis City limits. MODOT plans to grind off the top layer of asphalt and repave – a process called “mill and overlay”. In addition, MODOT will be making significant improvements to the sidewalks along this route.

Current plans call for ADA ramps to be added to existing sidewalks where they meet a road or driveway. In areas that don't have any, MODOT hopes to add new sidewalks to provide pedestrians a contiguous pathway along this route.

MODOT has provided an introduction video (below) where the project engineer provides an overview of the project. The project website also provides timeline and detailed maps of each section of the project – showing where specific parts of the project will occur.

Visit the MODOT Project Website HERE.

Another major portion of this project will be the replacement of the bridge over Gravois Creek – just west of Pardee Lane. Demolition of the existing bridge and installation of a new one will be the most disruptive part of the project for motorists. No details have been provided yet on when that will occur, so you may want to sign up for updates directly from MODOT.

You can sign up to receive email updates from the MODOT Engineer by sending an email to Andrew Gates at and asking him to add you to the “Watson Road e-updates” list. You can also just click below.

Receive email project updates from MODOT HERE

More Reference Documents (from the MODOT Project Website):