Whitecliff Basketball and Tennis Courts Reopen

In late October, crews installed the finishing touches on the newly replaced outdoor basketball court and the resurfaced tennis courts at Whitecliff Park.

Old Basketball Court Surface

While the surface of the tennis courts was in good condition with minor surface cracking and paint flaking, the basketball court was in very bad shape and had large gaping cracks that presented a safety hazard. As such the renovation project was approved earlier this year and work began in July with the removal of the old basketball surface and fencing. The new concrete was poured in August but had to cure for over a month before the 2-part epoxy primer was installed.

The old basketball court was originally installed in 2002 using traditional paving materials, while the tennis courts were installed at the same time using a technique known as “post-tension” concrete. The durability of this type of installation was evident, as that the tennis courts have held up well even though they are large surfaces. As such, the new basketball court was installed using the same post-tension method. Steel cables were embedded within the concrete in both directions. After the concrete was poured, those cables were pulled and anchored very taught whereby they bind the concrete together. This new court should last 40-50 years.

Post Tension cable installation

Both courts now feature contrasting colors to provide players greater visibility and awareness. Tennis courts around the world have been using this blue color since 2005 when the US Open made it standard. The blue color provides the best contrast against the color of the ball, and the green perimeter (color known as US Open Green) helps to define the boundaries of the court.

All courts are now back open and ready for play.