New Sculpture Installed At Whitecliff

There is a new public art statue at the Crestwood Community Center in Whitecliff Park. It is called “Over Under” and is the work of artist Sukanya Mani.

Crestwood has been a member city in the St. Louis-based Creative Communities Alliance organization, which sponsors a program called Sculpture on the Move. Through this program, the city can “rent” public art pieces for 2-years at a time, with the option to purchase the artwork afterward.

Crestwood first displayed one of these sculptures at Whitecliff Park several years ago and later purchased that piece called Blue Eyes. It was created by a local artist Jessie Cargas and is now on display in front of the Government Center.

Since then, the city has subscribed for additional public art, including “To Bee or Not to Bee” by Alex Mendez, on display at Rayburn Park until 2023.

An interactive musical sculpture called “Muse-IC” was located in front of the Community Center for the past two years, but was recently de-installed and moved to its next home in Ray Summit, MO.

The new artwork, Over Under, was just installed and will greet visitors at the Community Center until 2024. The artist also provided the city with additional butterflies which will soon be mounted inside the atrium.