Help Keep Crestwood Safe

Do you have a security camera on your house? If so, it could help the Crestwood Police to investigate crime in your area. It's easy to do and you are just letting them know the camera exists so they can contact you if ever needed.

Below is an excerpt from the Crestwood Police Department Facebook Page

We wanted to take a minute to remind everyone of the Crestwood Community Camera Program. Video surveillance is one of the best methods for apprehending criminals and convicting suspects.

The Crestwood Community Camera Program allows residents and business owners to register the locations and capabilities of their security camera systems with The Crestwood Police Department. When a crime occurs, The Crestwood Police Department will then know the locations of nearby video cameras and be able to collect video evidence and quickly follow up on investigative leads.

If you would like to register your security camera system with The Crestwood Police Department, please fill out the registration form located on the city's website.