Crestwood Animal Shelter

Did you know that Crestwood has an animal shelter, and that they have pets ready for adoption right now? Located in Whitecliff Park, the Crestwood Animal Shelter is an independent, nonprofit, no-kill adoption center for cats, kittens, and canines. The shelter is run 100% by the volunteers of Friends of Animal Control and Rescue (FOACAR).

The City of Crestwood hosts the Crestwood Animal Shelter in a parks support building in Whitecliff Park, halfway up the hill on the right. However, all daily operating funds for the shelter for food and veterinary costs are raised separately through donations and fundraising events (which has been challenging during the pandemic).

They need your help - With COVID limitations, they lost multiple fundraising opportunities, yet expenses for animal supplies and vet care continue. Here's how you can help:

  • Clorox Wipes - They are very much in need of Clorox wipes to keep the shelter virus free for animals and volunteers. If you can donate some, please place them in their donation box.
  • Pet Care Items - Please visit their Wish Lists at Amazon and/or where they list specific items which we need to benefit the animals. These range broadly, but include supplies for cleaning, medication, food, toys, office items, etc.
  • Donate Money - Because they are an all volunteer organization, they have no salary costs, but major expenses are veterinary care and ongoing costs for supplies. You can donate at their website's Donation Page.
To learn more about this wonderful Crestwood organization, or to find out how to adopt a new pet for your home, visit their website at or call/text them at 314-833-8066. You can also visit their Facebook Page.