Helping Crestwood's Neighbor

During this past week of multiple snowfalls, if you ventured out you probably experienced snow covered streets outside the city limits of Crestwood. However, Crestwood residents enjoyed superior snow plowing service from our Public Works department. Despite the additional challenges posed by the low temperatures, Crestwood streets were in great shape.

Our neighboring community of Grantwood Village didn't fair as well. Their plowing contractor suffered from multiple equipment failures and was unable to clear their streets. As such, village trustees reached out to Crestwood for help. Knowing that many Crestwood residents travel through Grantwood Village (including Grant Road by Gravois), the City felt that there would be a public interest in assisting our neighboring community. In a matter of hours after the request, city staff worked to create a two-page one-day agreement to make it legal. A day later, everything was signed and Crestwood plows made quick work of it. Per the agreement, Grantwood Village compensated Crestwood for the fuel, labor, salt, and vehicle costs using FEMA reimbursement rates.

This was a fine example of how our communities can work with each other for the benefit of all.