Black Pipes Are Back Again

What's going on at Grant's Farm?

You may remember back in January 2020 a similar project was completed by MSD at the same location. Just like that project, MSD is again relining old sewer pipes, but this time they are working on the pipes between the Grant's Farm pastures and the new storage tank facility on Pardee Lane. The black plastic pipes will be temporarily placed above ground along the back yards of homes on Pardee Lane and along the pasture of Grant's Farm. Sections of the same type of pipe have already been placed under Pardee Road.

Interesting fact - that temporary plastic black pipe is reusable... It was delivered in sections on a truck and the ends were heated up and fused together, creating a single plastic pipe hundreds of feet long. When the project is complete, it will be cut back into sections, loaded on a truck, and taken to another similar project site.

Repairs to the existing pipe are completed by lining the existing sewer with a new liner that works just as well as a brand new pipe. Crews begin by inserting a resin liner into an existing sewer pipe through the nearest manhole. Hot air or water is injected into the liner, which activates the resin. The resin cures immediately transforms the liner into solid plastic material, coating the entire pipe. This liner acts as a “new” wall for the pipe and allows flow to quickly return to the repaired pipe, without costly individual repairs to underground pipes.

Work is anticipated to be completed by early February 2021.