Running for Alderman Again

When elected back in April 2019, I filled the Alderman spot that Grant Mabie vacated when he was elected Mayor. As such, there were only two years left in that term, so it's time for me to file for election to my first full 3-year term as Alderman. Today I submitted the necessary paperwork at City Hall and will be on the ballot for the April 2021 election.

I have enjoyed my time as Alderman thus far. I have met lots of people from our city and continue to learn the nuts and bolts of municipal government. I was honored to be elected Board President this year and was able to fill in for the mayor for a few events.

Crestwood has four wards, and each will have an Alderman up for election.

  • Ward 1 - Alderman Mimi Duncan has decided not to run again after many years of service.
  • Ward 2 - Alderman Justin Charboneau has filed for re-election and if elected will be one of the most experienced alderman on the board.
  • Ward 3 - that's me, running to hopefully serve for another 3 years.
  • Ward 4 - John Sebben has filed to fill the slot vacated by Alderman Ismaine Ayouaz, who has decided not to run again after his first term and many years of service on other city boards. Mr. Sebben has been well known to the city through his extensive participation and involvement with various city boards, helped to organize Christmas in Crestwood events, and is a board member of the Sappington House foundation.

    I truly appreciate the kinds words and support that I have received from many residents in our ward. It has been a privilege to serve our community. Again - thank you!