MSD - Capilia Project

MSD has been planning a sewer replacement project in our neighborhood. Onsite work is anticipated to start in November. They will be replacing the "sanitary sewer" that currently runs across Capilia, down Rock Forest, over to Whitehaven Dr, and under Grants Trail.

MSD has hosted several "open house" meetings with the public, including a zoom meeting with impacted residents earlier this month. During that presentation, they discussed how the project will proceed, and who to contact with any issues.

The reason for the project is to replace the existing sewer pipes with larger new pipes, to eliminate/reduce any overflow situations into Gravois Creek. The new pipe will be buried lower than the existing pipe, at depths of 5 to 20 feet deep.

Work will start by tunneling under Grants Trail and then "open cut" digging the rest of the way to Capalia. As they progress, they will backfill any open trenches, so disruption to traffic is minimized. That said, there will be times when it will be hard to drive past construction, and driveways may be blocked for a few hours during the day.

MSD has a website that lists details about the project and has contact information for the project manager. Click on the MSD logo below to view that website.