Crestwood Awarded $819,200

Crestwood was recently notified by St. Louis County that they were awarded $819,200 pursuant to the County's COVID-19 Municipal Relief Program. This was part of the federal Coronavirus Relief Fund, distributed to Missouri and then to the County earlier this year.

The County requires eligible municipalities to complete a substantial amount of paperwork, provide extensive documentation that COVID-19 has impacted revenues and demonstrate the negative resulting impact. Crestwood staff and the Mayor were working on this documentation even before the County requested it, so they had a good head start when it was finally time to submit this paperwork. As such, Crestwood was one of only nine municipalities that were included in the County's first round of awards.

This substantial payment will definitely help to ease the loss in sales tax and other revenues and will make up the majority of the year-to-date reductions.

You can view a KSDK news story about this award HERE