What's on the November Ballot

Well it's no secret that an election is coming soon. Are you ready? Do you know what's on the ballot?

The St. Louis County Board of Elections has a tool that allows you to type in your address and view a sample ballot and your polling place (which I think is Whitecliff for everyone in Ward 3).

That said - it's a little complicated, so stay with me. After you click the link below, you'll see a big map with some information on the left. If you are like me, you start clicking on the map, but there's an easier way.

First click on the "Your Precinct" link near the top/left of the page.  Next type your address and hit enter (or click on your address if it pops up).

You will then see the screen below with your sample ballot attached at the bottom. Click on that and you'll see your sample ballot.

Here's what my sample ballot looks like - your's might be identical.

Okay - ready to go?  Click HERE to start.