What's Your Landscaping Preference?


The City of Crestwood is currently revising their zoning codes and is looking for your opinion on what type of landscaping we should have within the city.  Any changes to the zoning code would only impact new developments, but that's how progress happens.

Here's how you can help.  

Pre-Survey Assignment

Click HERE to view a PowerPoint presentation that asks several questions and shows a bunch of pictures.  This will give you a feel for what kind of information the city is looking for.  

Next - go on a field trip.  Drive around the city and check out landscaping at our businesses and our neighborhoods.  See what you like and don't like.  Compare what businesses like Kohl's has vs. Schnuck's.  Do we have enough street trees or should we have more?  Should business have more types of landscaping, or just trees?

Take The Survey

After your field trip, click on the link below to fill out the city's survey.  It's only 10 easy questions and should take only a few minutes.  Your feedback will help the city staff to develop new zoning language that reflects the opinions and desires of our residents.

Click HERE to fill out the survey.