Crestwood Playgrounds Reopen

City staff has been working with St. Louis County officials and received approval to reopen Crestwood playgrounds, effective August 14. County mask ordinances still apply.

Per the City's facebook page...

Please note that there is an increased risk of COVID-19 when on public playgrounds. Whitecliff and Crestwood Parks will be clean and sanitized Mon., Wed, and Fri. Rayburn, Sanders, Spellman and Ferndale Parks will be done on Tues. and Thurs. We ask that you follow the CDC guidelines and St. Louis County mask order. Please bring hand sanitizer to use before and after playground usage. We ask that if you have any COVID related symptoms you do not visit the playground until you are healthy. If the playground is busy and social distancing cannot take place we ask that you visit at a later time.

On a sad note, the recent storms blew down a tree at Rayburn Park and severly damaged the "Gravity Swing". As you may recall, this park received a complete refresh, with new playground equipment, last year. Obviously this part of the playground will be closed until the City can complete the process of insurance claims and ordering/installation of replacement parts.