New Life for the Old Gordman's

Woodard Cleaning and Restoration will appear before the next Crestwood Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on March 4. They will present their plans to update the old Gordman's building at 9490 Watson Road (next to Planet Fitness).

This building was constructed in 1994 and was originally used as a Builders Square. In 2001 it became K-Mart, and in 2004 Gordman's - which closed in 2014 and it has been vacant since. Woodard plans to use all of the vacant space (approximately 110,000 sf).   Planet Fitness is not impacted by this project.

In a letter to the City, they stated:
Woodard proposes moving their corporate headquarters, along with the substantial majority of operational and storage functions to the property located on Watson Road. Woodard’s proposed use includes:
  • office space 
  • cleaning center to clean and restore materials that were damaged during fires and floods or otherwise dirty 
  • logistics space for dispatching and restocking vehicles used in conjunction with serving clients 
  • storage of dehumidification, deodorization, drying and cleaning equipment 
  • storage of goods and materials after cleaning or restoration (typically furniture, cushions, rugs and other items found inside of a home) 
Woodard has been operating in Rock Hill for over 70 years. Their reputation has been built on being a good neighbor and doing right by the community and their clients. They intend to continue building on that strong reputation in this new neighborhood.
If plans are approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Board of Alderman will hear their request at the March 24 meeting.  If approved, normal building permits and such will also be required so it still could be a while before any activity occurs.

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