It's Been A While...

It's been a while since my last post, as that I have been enjoying a vacation and then got busy after my return.  Anyway, I'm back so let's get caught up...

Board of Aldermen Meetings
Full agendas:  January 28,  February 11

Here are the highlights...

Presentation of Whitecliff Quarry Enhancements - Bond Architects presented conceptual drawings and estimates for proposed enhancements to the quarry area, with the goal to make it a more usable space and a destination within the park.  Aldermen expressed a few suggestions and recommended that the city continue to finalize the designs and obtain bids.   Up to $125K of the project will be paid for via a matching grant.

Revised Sign Code was approved (copy here)

The purchases of multiple city vehicles were approved (2 Police vehicles $71,244, Cargo Van $23,000, F-150 XL Pickup Truck $21,000, and a F-550 Forestry Dump Truck $69,000).   These purchases are all to replace aging vehicles in the city's fleet.

Aquatic Center Improvements were approved (Westport Pools).  Work has begun on these extensive updates and should be completed before opening day.

Code Enforcement Changes Discussion - The Mayor initiated a conversation to discuss options for allowing the City to reduce "frequent violators" of city code (e.g. grass not cut, trash can's not collected, etc.).   Apparently there are a few residents throughout the city that expend a good portion of the code enforcement officer's time.  The possibility of issuing tickets for repeat offenders was discussed.  Ultimately, the city was tasked with reviewing this topic, determining legal and preferable options, and bring it back to the BoA for further discussion.

Recreational Trails Grant - The City is working on an application to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for a grant fund a portion of a pedestrian/bicycle bridge to connect Whitecliff Park to Sheryl Ann Drive. The maximum grant request is $250,000. The City is requesting $229,000 to go with our $57,500 contribution in an 80/20 match for a project total of $286,500.  If approved, this project would begin in 2021 or later.

Community Center Updates - The movable walls defining rooms 105 and 106 at the Whitecliff Community Center are in poor condition and in need of replacement.  They will be replaced with a modern glass wall (pictured here).   In addition, new retractable basketball backboards and a curtain divider will be installed in the gym.