Crestwood receives $370,000 Grant

The City of Crestwood received notice that they have been awarded a $370,000 grant from the Municipal Park Grant Commission to assist with renovations and updates to the Aquatic Center at Whitecliff Park. Crestwood's portion of the project will be $45,300.

 These important updates will include:

  • Replacing all pumps in the facility. 
  • Replacing the check valves in the Competition Pool, Leisure Pool, and Lazy River. 
  • Replacing AFM Glass Media (debris filter). 
  • Replacing the Chemical and Alkalinity Controllers.  
  • Replacing the gutters around the Competition Pool. 
  • VGBA Replacement (these are the drain covers that prevent children from getting stuck and drowning), 
  • Removing the non-watered playground slide from the kiddie pool.  
  • Adding a new Kiddie Pool feature – a bucket feature to drop water on kids’ heads. 
  • Replacing the sound system.  
  • Replacing the lap lanes, climbing net in the Kiddie Pool, and cargo net over the Lily pads. 
  • Replacing the benches in the locker rooms. 
  • Replacing the remaining surface mats in the Kiddie Pool.