Board of Alderman Meeting (10/22/2019)

Here is the full agenda from this meeting.


    Due to the multiple delays in a "final announcement" from the developer (Walpert), the Mayor asked a representative to appear before the board and provide an update.

    Kent Evans, a partner at Walpert read a prepared statement (view a copy here) and answered questions from the board.  In summary:

    • Walpert expects to release names of signed tenants and the site plan by the end of 2019 and plans to "break ground" in 2020.
    • The size of the project has grown from approximately $100m to $300m in size.   The original TIF was based upon the $100m scope and will probably be scaled accordingly.
    • The original drawings released last year still represent the current plan.
    • No specific timing was mentioned, including no estimate on the duration of construction.
    • The plans include Residential, Retail, Entertainment, and office space.
    • No designated "Senior Living" is in the plan
    • The plans to be submitted in 2019 have room for additional growth on the site
    • There appears to be strong interest / demand for the residential component.
    This was also covered by local media - Fox 2 News, and KMOV Channel 4


    No items were removed from the consent agenda, and it passed 8-0.   Items of note included:

    • Ordinance to accept the Central County Fire / EMS Dispatch contract as originally proposed.  
      • Note - this original contract was modified by the board previously to eliminate a "hold harmless" clause that incurs additional risk for the City.   However, Central County refused to accept that change.   After much debate and risk assessment, the board determined that the service provided and safety of our residents and fire crews were more important than that risk, so assuming that the Mayor signs the ordinance - the City will renew a 5-year contract effective January 2020.
    • Resolution to build support among other Central County fire districts to work together to request the "hold harmless" clause be removed from all contracts.
    • Award of contract for asbestos abatement at City Hall.  This work is covered by the City's insurance.

    Note - the Ways and Means Committee (entire board of alderman) will meet next week to review and provide preliminary approval for the 2020 budget.   Agenda here.

    The next scheduled BoA meeting will be November 12.