2024 Street Repairs

Each year, Crestwood spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain our streets.  We alternate between concrete and asphalt repairs each year.

Last year the city repaired the concrete streets, via a process called selective slab replacement, which replaces the defective portions of the concrete streets.

This year the city will repair asphalt streets with a process called Mill and Overlay.  This will result in a new smooth pavement for each street repaired.  In this process, the top inch or two is ground away (milled) and then a new layer of asphalt is installed (overlayed). The top layer of asphalt that is removed is hauled away and reused to make new asphalt.

The schedule for work is weather dependent, but the plan is for the milling process occur from April 11 - 21 (starting in the Sanders Drive area) with the overlay process to occur April 16 – 24 (again, weather dependent).

The streets planned for this year are:

  • Ayers Dr
  • Cherry Brook Ln
  • Clover Ln
  • Clydesdale Dr
  • Conover Ln
  • Crompton Ct
  • Curwood Dr
  • Denton Ct
  • Diversey Dr
  • Ferndale Ave
  • Fox Creek Ct
  • Fox Creek Dr
  • Friendly Dr
  • Gallop Ln
  • Hawkins Ct
  • Hemingway Dr
  • Montego Dr
  • Yolanda Ct.

If you live on one of these streets, you should have received a letter from the contractor (E. Meier) with additional information - you can read a copy HERE.

Later this summer, a “full depth replacement” is scheduled for:

  • Banbury Ct
  • Coffey Ct
  • Coffey Dr

The entire full depth of the pavement will be removed, and we’ll basically start over to install a completely new street.  These three streets were paved with concrete years ago, but at some point, were overlayed with asphalt.  About 30% of all streets in Crestwood are like this.  It was a money saving technique to overlay them with asphalt back then, but it was a bad idea and has caused issues ever since.  Starting last year, the city started “full depth replacement” of some of these streets and will continue to “chip away” at the list each year.  This will take decades to complete.

There – now you know everything you never wanted to know about our streets.  Feel free to use this as conversation starters at your next party. ;-)