41 Years of Dedication: Thank You Thomas Swink

Photo Credit: Angela Sebben

Crestwood community spirit thrives through the dedication of individuals like Thomas Swink. Recently, Crestwood residents, the Fire Department, and the Board of Aldermen celebrated Mr. Swink's remarkable 41-year tenure on the Crestwood Fire Board, a milestone that deserves recognition and gratitude.

At the December Board of Aldermen meeting, Crestwood's Fire Chief Leo Meyer and I presented Mr. Swink with a well-deserved plaque, acknowledging his extraordinary commitment and invaluable contributions to the community. Throughout his four decades of service, Mr. Swink collaborated with six different Fire Chiefs, witnessing the department's growth, evolution, and unwavering commitment to public safety.

During the presentation, Mr. Swink shared his sentiments, stating,

"I have enjoyed all the years I was on the board. There was never a time when I attended a meeting where I came home without learning something new. All of the Fire Chiefs throughout those years came with knowledge and progression, and the department moved ahead with the efforts of every chief, and that’s why we are so successful today."

His words capture the spirit of public service, continuous learning, and community enhancement and Mr. Swink's dedication to the Fire Board exemplifies the values that make Crestwood a great place to live.

The Crestwood Fire Board plays a crucial role in shaping policy matters related to the Fire Department. Their responsibilities encompass improving fire protection within the City, establishing rules and regulations governing the conduct of Fire Department members, and addressing other critical matters pertaining to the safety and protection of Crestwood's residents and property.

In an exciting development for Crestwood, starting in January 2024, the Fire Board and Police Board will combine into a single Public Safety Board. This integration will further enhance coordination and collaboration between these two important departments.

As we look back on Thomas Swink's extraordinary service on the Crestwood Fire Board, let us take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for his unwavering commitment to our community. His dedication and wisdom have left an indelible mark on Crestwood, and we are immensely thankful for his 41 years of service.