Dierbergs Grand Opening March 28

The Crestwood Dierbergs is scheduled to open on Tuesday, March 28. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 8:15am. The store will open for business immediately following the ceremony at 9:00am or earlier.

The big question I keep hearing is “What are the other businesses that will be in that development”. Unfortunately, the answer is “I don’t know”.

Dierbergs told us during our construction site tour that they are focusing all their efforts in getting the grocery store up and running. The other businesses will follow.

Dierbergs did say that they have a list of businesses that are interested, but Dierbergs has intentionally not finalized leases knowing that they would be focusing their resources towards the grocery store. Now that an opening date is in sight, I expect to start hearing some “coming soon” announcement during the next few months.

Dierbergs also stated that their next focus would be on filling the spaces “attached” to the grocery store first. The two out-buildings closer to Watson will then follow.

I look forward to additional ribbon cutting ceremonies this year as more new businesses come to this site and others along Watson Road.