Parks Master Plan Presentation

The system-wide Crestwood Parks and Recreation Master Plan is ready to be shared! Come to the Community Center, room 106/107 on Tuesday January 17, 2023 at 7:00pm to be the first to hear all of the details.

Last year the city contracted with a team of consultants to research resident opinions, develop recommendations, compare our facilities and services to others, and ultimately provide a robust planning document for the next decade.

The new Parks Master Plan document is the first city-wide look at all of our parks and recreation programs and is over 100 pages long. It includes details on how the resident engagement process worked, what residents felt was most important, recommendations based on priorities, and lots of graphs and tables representing all the data that was collected.

After it is presented at the Parks Board meeting, staff will post the document on the City’s website for 30 days, with the ability for the public to submit comments. After that comment period, final changes will be made and presented to the Board of Alderman for approval in February or March.

I am looking forward to viewing and reviewing this important planning tool. It will be a great basis for future changes to our park facilities and recreational programs. Most importantly it represents the views of our residents, so city leaders will be confident that the prioritized list of projects will provide the most “bang for the buck”.

Hope to see you there!