Earlier this week, several Crestwood Aldermen and the Mayor had the opportunity to take a tour of the Crestwood Crossing construction site. Below is a video summarizing that tour.

Although I mention it during the video, there are a few points that I want to emphasize:

  • Dierbergs is targeting early Spring (perhaps before Easter) for the grand opening of their store
  • The other retail locations will be their next focus and are planned to start opening in early Summer.
  • The two out-buildings are both set up for drive-thru restaurants (along with additional retail space). Tenants in these buildings will likely follow those in the primary building space.
  • The big “gathering space” feature on the western portion of the site is considered Phase 2 and thus is still a year or so away.
  • The old Firestone building will eventually be torn down to make room for additional retail space (Phase 3), so major construction in that area is still a few years away.

All in all – it was a great tour and it’s amazing to see the progress that has been made in a short amount of time. I was impressed with everything that I saw and am confident that we will all be proud to have this development in Crestwood. Enjoy the video!