The Villages at Crestwood Crossing

A Hearing for the Final Development Plan application from McBride Homes will be on the agenda for the Planning and Zoning Commission on April 6, 2022. If you are interested, you can attend via Zoom (full agenda HERE).

As noted previously, McBride is planning to build and sell 81 single-family homes on this site. They have provided site plans, home elevations, and home floor plans as part of their application.

There will be three different home types (or villages) built on this site.

  • Village A (34): Approx 50' wide x 120-125ft deep (6,000-6,250sf lot)
  • Village B (16): Approx 60' wide x 120ft deep (7,200sf lot)
  • Village C (31): Approx 30' wide x 110ft deep (3,300sf lot)

The redevelopment agreement between McBride, Dierbergs, and the City requires that no more than twelve (12) of the 81 homes have front elevations of 100% vinyl siding. In other words, 69 of the 81 homes are required to have at least partial masonry on the front of the home. It also stipulates that the homes in villages A and B have at least 3 bedrooms and the homes in village C have at least two bedrooms.

The Phase 1A Final Development Plan also includes approximately 24,000-sf of common ground; the bulk of which is located near the southwest entrance to the neighborhood. All streets include 4’ wide sidewalks on both sides, which connect to full sidewalks in the Phase 1 commercial development and the pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Gravois Creek in the northeast quadrant of the development area, intended for future connection to the Grant’s Trail greenway. Street trees will be planted all along the streets and will consist of Red Sunset Maple, Redbud, Blackgum, Ivory Silk Lilac, Princeton Elm, and others. Streetlights and fire hydrants will also be installed throughout.

You can view the site plans and proposed elevations below: