Proposed Ward Boundary Changes

Per the 2020 census data released earlier this year, Crestwood grew to a population of 12,404 compared to 11,865 in 2010. Crestwood is the 17th largest city in St. Louis County and the 65th largest in the state.

Per the city charter, after each 10-year census, a Redistricting Committee is formed to review the ward boundaries and recommend changes to the Board of Alderman. Earlier this year one resident from each ward was selected to serve on this committee, along with the Director of Public Services, the City Clerk, and the City Administrator (7 total members).

The Redistricting Committee met several times during the summer and fall to review the goals and duties of redistricting. One of their primary goals is to balance the number of residents in each ward as much as possible. This balancing act is not as easy as you would think.

The census data is divided into “Census Blocks” which are smaller contiguous areas within each ward. A Census Block cannot be subdivided, so the committee was somewhat limited on how ward boundaries would be determined. It is for this reason that our current boundaries create situations where homes on different sides of the same street can be in different wards.

With the new 2020 population of 12,406, the target population for each ward would be approximately 3,101. The currently defined wards have 2020 population totals of:

Ward 1: 3,123 (22 above target)
Ward 2: 3,036 (65 below target)
Ward 3: 3,229 (128 above target)
Ward 4: 3,016 (85 below target)
(target average ward size is 3,101)

The committee also reviewed the 2010 ward boundaries and identified some of the unusual areas, such as how Buxton traverses three (3) different wards and an odd-shaped part of ward 4 was pulled into ward 2 along Manda and Sturdy. Again – the previous redistricting committee had the same “census block” restrictions, so they probably had to make some hard decisions to make populations balance as much as possible.

After reviewing multiple options, the Redistricting Committee approved a final recommendation at their October 13 meeting. The proposed ward boundaries will move some Ward 3 residents (anyone south of Garber) into Ward 4 and will move some Ward 1 residents (north end of Buxton/Glencrest and Medallion) into Ward 3. They also cleaned up the odd shaped boundary between Wards 2/4 along Manda/Sturdy and made some other minor adjustments.

Impact to Ward 3 boundaries can be viewed HERE

Adjusted 2020 populations by ward under this proposal would be:

Ward 1: 3,086 (15 below target)
Ward 2: 3,083 (18 below target)
Ward 3: 3,194 (93 above target)
Ward 4: 3,043 (58 below target)
(target average ward size is 3,101)

As you can see, Ward 3 still has the largest population of all wards, but after new homes are built at the mall site (about 80 homes), then Ward 1 will surpass all other wards until the 2030 census redistricting occurs.

This recommended ward boundary plan will be presented to the Board of Alderman as part of a Public Hearing in November. The Board of Alderman can only approve or deny the recommendation and does not have the power to alter the plan. So, if any changes are required as part of the public hearing, the Redistricting Committee will need to reconvene to review it.

Once approved by the Board of Alderman, the new ward boundaries will take effect prior to December 5 (the deadline to submit changes to the County).