Dierbergs / McBride To Present Plans

On Wednesday, October 27, 2021 Dierbergs and McBride will present their plans before the Planning and Zoning Commission.  The meeting will be via Zoom and will start at 6pm.

The entire agenda for the meeting is posted HERE.  It contains many links for all of the various site plans and descriptions of the property. Note that the first two public hearing items are not related to the mall. The good stuff starts with agenda item 4c.  There is a TON of info to review and I won't attempt to summarize all of it here.

Here are some of the "more interesting" documents to view:

Below are a few excerpts from the posted documents that discuss the project at a high level. More info to come later:



D3 Commercial Realty Group LLC (“Dierberg’s”) and McBride Berra Land Company, LLC (“McBride”), together “the applicants”, have requested to construct a horizontal mixed-use development across the entire site that consists of three (3) phases and four (4) defined areas.

Western area: Public Plaza of 12,000 square feet or more with additional restaurant, entertainment and commercial components.

Central area: Dierberg’s Grocery Store with two (2) buildings flanking the main grocery store to the east and west, as well as two (2) additional buildings near Watson Road that are part of the site plan and “outlot 5” which is not yet site planned.

Eastern area: 81 single family homes on three (3) different sized lots.

Eastern area fronting Watson Road: Commercial space that will have the site planned as part of phase three (3) of the project.


The three (3) phases of the project are not designed to necessarily be sequential, meaning all of phase one (1) does not need to be completed before phase two (2) and so forth. The applicants have identified that phase one consists entirely of the parts of the site where they have complete confidence in knowing what will occupy those spaces. Additional spaces will have site plans finalized once commercial tenants have been identified, and the sooner those tenants are identified, the faster those phases can be built out.

Phase one (1) will focus on the primary commercial anchor tenant (Dierberg’s) and the commercial uses to the east and west, as well as the buildout of the single-family homes, which will be built to suit the purchaser’s preferences. A connecting pedestrian bridge from the north-eastern portion of the development will be built during phase one (1).


Phase two - While listed officially as part of phase 2, the western portion of the development will feature a plaza space of no fewer than 12,000 square feet, a sit-down restaurant (or two) with a patio, as well as one or two tenants for the north-west portion of the development. The public plaza space and restaurant site plan will come before The Commission for approval once a tenant has been identified and the plans for that portion of the development are finalized.  This space is noted as “Gather Space C” on the plans.

The remaining part of Phase two (2) are near Watson road and are essentially surrounded by the Dierberg’s parking lot. While they are envisioned as drive-through restaurants, this may change between the date of this report, the final development plan approval, or a requested modification of the site plan once tenants have been identified.

Phase three (3) consists of outlots six (6), seven (7), eight (8) and nine (9). These are the southeastern portion of the development which fronts Watson Road. Development of these parcels has yet to be decided on and a site plan for these parcels will be submitted when tenants can be identified, as well as if a neighboring property can be acquired. There is not any additional information available at this time.



There are four (4) public gathering spaces planned as part of this planned development in addition to the public space / seating areas proposed in front of the Dierberg’s building and the additional retail that will flank it. They are noted on the plans as gathering spaces A, B, C, and D.

  1. Gathering Space A is a small outdoor space which sits southwest of the C-sized housing lots and east of the Dierberg’s. It is approximately 6,200 square feet and serves as a gathering spot for persons who are travelling between the commercial and residential portions of the development.
  2. Gathering space B is a nearly 14,000 square foot bio retention area with outdoor seating. While a public space, it is the intent that persons utilizing a restaurant in the south-east corner of the parking lot will make use of this space as outdoor seating.
  3. Gathering Space C is a minimum 12,000 square foot outdoor plaza area in the western portion of the development with a “water feature”. It will be along the connector street from the westernmost entrance to the development, with the restaurant(s) on the south end of the plaza. The final size of the plaza will be determined by the final building site plan configuration for that portion of the development.
  4. Gathering Space D sits in the southwest corner of the residential portion of the development. It is centrally located for the entire site when both commercial and residential aspects are considered and is intended to primarily serve as a leisure, recreation and sitting area for the development’s residents. Additional features such as playground equipment and a gazebo are being considered, the gazebo is represented on the site plan as is a walking path.