Joseph Sappington House

At the next Board of Alderman meeting, the board will be considering the possibility of moving a historic log cabin (built by Joseph Sappington in 1816) from its current location on Clearview Drive to the city's Sappington Park. The current owner of the home is donating the house, but the city and the Sappington Foundation would be responsible for all of the costs - which include removing non-original portions of the home, moving it, constructing a new basement/foundation, removal of trees/landscaping at the park, and many other tasks.

As it turns out, this "free" home will have a substantial cost. Those in favor of the project recognize the one-time opportunity to obtain this historic home, while those against feel the cost will divert funds from other deserving projects within the city. The Sappington Foundation is working to collect donations to help fund this project.

Mayor Mabie posted the following on his Facebook page today

Please consider supporting the Sappington House Foundation's fundraiser to raise money to move, repair, and maintain the Joseph Sappington House. The Crestwood Board of Aldermen will be discussing this matter at its next meeting on Tuesday, March 9th.

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