ADA Ramp Construction at City Hall

Earlier this year, the city awarded a contract to remove and replace the concrete steps in front of the main entrance of the Government Center. When replaced, a new ADA compliant ramp will be installed. Until now, anyone who was unable to use the stairs to enter the building was forced to go around to the back of the building to enter. With this improvement, everyone will be able to enter through the main entrance.

Construction is anticipated to take up to 120 days. During that time, the main entrance will be closed, so everyone will need to use the rear (west) entrance for entry. Plans for the construction work can be viewed HERE.

Another successful grant - The city once again has leveraged available grant funding to help pay for this project. Funds from three separate Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) awards, totaling $56,628 will be used to offset the cost for this project.

Informational Picket - If you have driven by the Government Center recently, you may have noticed an informational picket (Laborers Union Local 110) along Sappington Road, as that the contractor's employees are non-union.

The city's project manager contacted the union representative, listened to their concerns, and had a very pleasant conversation. She assured the union rep that the project falls under both Missouri’s prevailing wage rates for St. Louis County, as well as federal Davis-Bacon rates, which the union understands. It's also worth noting that several subcontractors working on the project are members of their respective trade unions.

The union rep said he spoke with the contractor’s workers, encouraged them to join the union, and set up an informational picket on the project. He also confirmed that the union feels this contractor does quality work. It does not appear that the union has any issues with the city on this project. They are instead working to encourage this contractor to embrace the union for their workers.