Construction Bids Awarded - City Hall Renovations

At last week's Board of Alderman Special Meeting (5/21/2020), four contractors were awarded bids for the work to be done at City Hall to complete the repairs and renovations needed from last year's flood.

The awards were to:
  • General Works - Vanstar Construction
  • Electric - RJP Electric
  • Plumbing - Joseph H. Beetz Plumbing
  • Mechanical - RF Meeh Company
The total cost for all four components (plus a project contingency) came to $515,000.  This does not include costs for replacement furniture, computers, etc. nor does it include the Phase 2 work planned for other areas of City Hall.

The anticipated cost for all four bids was previously estimated at $750,000, so the actual total of $515,000 was good news.  The lower costs were attributed to the current economic environment with high unemployment.

Per the project timeline, work could start as soon as June 4 and is anticipated to be completed by mid-October.  Financial penalties are built into the contracts should the completion date slip.