Medical Marijuana In Crestwood - Final Approvals

9933 Watson Road

As I posted in January, the State has awarded a Medical Marijuana Dispensary license to Captiva Healing LLC for their site at 9933 Watson Road.  The owners of this site will be attending the next Board of Aldermen meeting on April 28, seeking approval for their Conditional Use Permit (CUP).  There will be additional state approvals needed, but this will be the last major approval required from Crestwood.

This CUP was first discussed (and approved) at the April 1 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.  You can watch a recording of that meeting on the city's website (here) - the discussion on this topic begins at timestamp 59:50.

The Commission discussed several topics including pedestrian flow, traffic patterns, parking, signage, odor concerns, security, deliveries, use by customers, build out and opening timeline, hours of operation, number of employees and what was included in the planned building addition.

The owner explained that they only expect an average of about 20 customers per day, based upon the total number of patients in MO and the number of dispensaries.  There are 2 other state-approved dispensary sites in Sunset Hills and another 2 near South County Mall.

Per state law, Crestwood is not allowed to approve or reject such a request for any reason other than its compliance to set restrictions (e.g. no more than 500' from any school or church).  As far as I can tell, this request complies with all of those requirements and I expect this to pass.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me prior to the meeting.  You are also invited to attend the meeting (via the zoom app, or telephone).  If you plan to ask questions at the Board of Aldermen meeting, you should submit them via e-mail to the City Clerk at prior to the meeting.   The meeting agenda (and zoom/telephone info) can be viewed here.