Dog Days in Crestwood

Now that weather is improving, and we're all at home - many of us have been getting out for a walk in the neighborhood.  And as the Crestwood Police noted on their Facebook page - residents have been doing a great job of social distancing while out and about.

Unfortunately residents occasionally encounter a dog that isn't supervised or is running loose.  This can be a scary or even dangerous situation.  Several people have contacted me with such stories in the past week or so.

City Code Section 6-19 concerns animal nuisances. It provides that
A dog or cat can create a nuisance if it molests, attacks, bites, or interferes with persons or other animals on public property or property not belonging to a person responsible for the animal.  
Sidewalks are considered public property.

If there is an incident you can call 911 and Crestwood Police will respond. Even if it's not an emergency, you can call them.

If possible provide the address, date, time, description of animal, description of owner, any other pertinent information, and if available a picture or video. The more evidence that is available, the more options for abatement and resolution there are. Otherwise, it can be an “I said, you said” scenario.

Of course all of this can be avoided by responsible pet owners.  If you aren't one of those owners, then your pet may be scaring neighbors and you may find the city visiting to discuss unpleasant options.

I applaud owners that keep signs up notifying walkers that they have an "invisible fence" - so that you know (or hope) that the charging dog will probably stop.  Also hats off to owners that keep their pets in a fenced backyard, inside, or on a lease while walking.  Most pet owners do a great job - thank you!