Crestwood Parks Remain Open

Trailhead at Whitecliff (next to Community Center)

Although County Executive Dr. Sam Page announced that all St. Louis County parks will be closed effective April 3 at 8pm, that only impacts parks owned and run by the County.

Crestwood parks are not impacted by this order and remain open for now.  This includes Whitecliff, Crestwood, Ferndale, Spellman, Rayburn, and Sanders parks (map to all locations).

Keep in mind that the community center at WhiteCliff remains closed, along with all playgrounds, tennis courts, and basketball courts.

Crestwood city staff has been evaluating if these parks too should close, but as of now they will remain open.  Hopefully everyone respects social distancing guidelines and the parks don't experience overcrowding.

UPDATE - The city decided to close the parks to vehicular traffic, but you can still walk in.  There was a little confusion Saturday morning, as that "Park Closed" signs were incorrectly posted, but those have been removed.   All sections of Grant's Trail are completely closed, including the "Crestwood section"