Mall Redevelopment Update

Earlier today, Mayor Mabie posted the following on social media (
We talked with the developer again this week. They have the requisite number of end users to launch the project, which is welcome news, especially as that was the step that tripped up their predecessor. They are working to finalize their financial partnerships, which are complex given the size of the project. 
There is a meeting set up in 2 weeks for the development team to meet with City staff for a preliminary review of the site plan, which is commonplace for larger projects. The site plan--as potentially modified following staff or financial partner recommendations--will next head to the Planning and Zoning Commission for review/approval, and then finally to the Board of Aldermen for review/approval. Their goal remains to be in full construction mode later this year.
This still is not the announcement that everyone is waiting for, but it reflects the process that continues to progress.