Board of Alderman Meeting (1/14/2020)

Here is the full agenda from this meeting.  This was a fairly routine meeting, with no major announcements or issues.


    Reconstruction Project Update - After the City Hall flooding, a Crestwood business (Navigate Building Solutions) was hired to project-manage the repairs.  Katie Aholt from Navigate provided a brief update.  All of the damaged areas have been cleared and architects have developed new floor plans and drawings (since the City is taking advantage of this situation to modify some of the damaged areas).   Plans are being finalized and approved by the County and bid documents will be released soon.  The Times newspaper published a story about this here.

    City Website Redesign - CivicPlus was selected to develop and host a new city website.  Costs will be $16,480 the first year and $3,500 the second year.   Contracts will be finalized and the vendor will begin working with the City.


    Rezoning for 10066 Big Bend - A very-small property located next to the I-44 exit onto Big Bend was rezoned from residential to commercial.   This property is land-locked with no access to any roads, but is adjacent to existing commercial property.  It has been for sale (as residential property) for years, but never sold.  The owner hopes to sell it to a developer or commercial property owner.


    As part of his report to the board, the Mayor reiterated what he previously posted on social media...  That the Mall developer (Walpert) has apparently gathered enough tenants to proceed and is working through final details and gathering financing.  They are scheduled to meet with City staff on January 21 to review how their plans conform to city codes.  Once designs are approved and financing confirmed, plans will be presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission (and ultimately to the Board of Aldermen).  No firm timeline for that yet.


    A revised draft of the revised sign code was discussed at our last meeting but was sent back to staff to address some issues.  Those issues were addressed and it was re-presented again.  The board approved this version via a "first reading", but the "second reading" was postponed until next meeting to ensure no further questions arise.


    The consent agenda is a tool that allows the board to pass multiple non-controversial issues with a single vote.   One item was removed from the agenda this time for further discussion (see below). All other items passed 6-0. Items of note on the Consent Agenda included:
    • One-year extension to Midwest Pool Management for operation of Whitecliff Aquatic Center.   Note - due to state-mandated minimum wage increases and Governor Parson's mandate that schools should start later, the city's cost for this service increased approximately $20,000.
    • Public Works Fee Schedule Update - updated costs for various permits and fees (increases of $0 - $75).

    New Membership Fee Schedule for Parks and Rec - The revised fee schedule was discussed and passed 5-1.   Passes for the Aquatic Center were unchanged.  Access to the racquetball courts was added to the other membership levels (eliminating a previously separate charge) and the membership levels were streamlined (consolidating the "Business Resident" membership into the "Lindbergh Resident" membership).   Summary of existing and new fees can be viewed here.

    The next scheduled BoA meeting will be January 28.