Digging along Pardee Road

There is a lot of digging activity happening around the area - as you go up the hill on Pardee Road on the west side of Grants' Farm and elsewhere in our ward.   Apparently AT&T is installing new fiber-optic cable to serve homes in that area with their high speed Internet (GigaPower).

Residents in the impacted areas were sent a letter from AT&T, including maps of where the cable will be buried and where hand holes and pedestals will be located.   Similar projects around other parts of Crestwood have already happened or are planned. 

Routes along Pardee Road west of Grant's Farm (letter from AT&T). 

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Here are the Routes planned for the Eastern portion of Ward 3 (Letter from AT&T):

And from a separate letter to residents:

Letters sent to residents in other areas of Crestwood: