Prop-A: Touring Crestwood's Future Community Center

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This is a continuation of the short series of articles that I am posting regarding Proposition A. Last time we discussed how the Parks Master Plan was the genesis of Prop-A and covered some of the features at a high level.

This time let’s talk about the centerpiece of this initiative, the new community center!

A Virtual Walkthrough

I'm pleased to share an 8-minute virtual tour of the community center. This walkthrough is designed to give you a comprehensive view of the building and how the spaces were designed to address the needs of Crestwood residents for decades to come.

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Site Placement

If you look at the existing Community Center, the new building will be constructed just across the parking lot in the area that is currently the ball field. This area is lower than the parking lot, and that will work out well for the design of the building allowing the main entrance to be directly into the upper level of the building.

There will also be a few new parking spots added and the natural areas around the building are designed to include new trees and native plantings to retain a park-like feel.

Site Location - Whitecliff Ballfield

Entrance: Welcoming by Design

I think the architects have done a great job designing a building that is modern but doesn’t look like a big metal box. I like the large and tall windows and the dramatic roof line that is welcoming and really compliments the park surroundings. While those beams may look like wood, they are a man-made product that will require little maintenance and should last the lifetime of the building.

Artist Rendering of Front Entrance

Lobby: The Center's Hub

As you walk in, you will see the welcome desk on the left. The Administration offices are directly behind the desk which allow additional staff to easily come out help visitors as needed.

The lobby itself is large but welcoming. It has seating areas for casual meetings, or for parents waiting for their kids during dance class or other programs. The main stairs to the lower level are open and easy to get to, but there is also an elevator here too. There are clear sightlines from the front door clear to the back of the building, to bring the outdoor views in.

Meeting Spaces: Flexible and Functional

Community feedback highlighted the need for adaptable meeting spaces. The new center features rooms that can easily transition to accommodate workshops, meetings, and community events, exemplifying our commitment to versatile community spaces.

This large meeting room has that flexibility and the 3,000 square foot of space can be divided into three smaller rooms that could be rented individually, or the entire space can be rented for large events such as wedding receptions, family reunions, or large presentations.

A warm and inviting fireplace is planned at the end of this space and will serve as a fun place for gathering and will make a great backdrop for group photos. Windows all along this entire space bring in those natural views and there is a balcony outside too. It can be accessed from any of the meeting rooms so guests can use this area for additional gathering space during an event.

Elevated Walking Track: A Scenic Route to Fitness

This was the #1 requested feature in the Parks Master Plan. Access to the walking track is from this main level – which is another one of the benefits of having the main entrance directly into upper level.

This will be a great feature for all members, but especially for seniors since access will be included for all Silver Sneakers and Active Renew participants. Care was taken when designing this walking track to include windows along the route so you walk and experience both the activities inside as well as the sites outside.

Multipurpose Spaces

Finishing up our tour of the main level, there is a catering kitchen to serve the meeting rooms, the restrooms, the elevator, and two large program spaces that will likely be used for dance, group exercise, other programs like Mah Jong, social clubs, or a just a smaller meeting space.

Upper Level Floorplan

Fitness and Recreation: Designed for Everyone

As you come down the stairs or the elevator the first thing you will see is the new and improved fitness area. This will be much larger than our existing facility, with lots of new equipment and room to feel comfortable. Again, the east wall will be all glass so as you click off the miles on the treadmill, you can enjoy the views of the park. There will also be technology upgrades, so if you prefer to watch a show or keep in touch with your device – you’ll be able to do that.

There will also be access to an outdoor plaza so group classes can really experience nature while getting the heart pumping. Other fitness spaces will include multiple group exercise areas which will allow the Parks and Rec staff offer even more classes to help you really improve your fitness and wellness.

Multi-Sport Court x 2

The star of the show will be the multi-sport courts, or you might just call it the gym. This will be twice the size of our current gym so if you have been frustrated that you can’t get enough open court time – this should definitely help. This will be the place for basketball and volleyball and any other sport that needs big indoor space.

Lower Level Floorplan

A Plan for Community

I’m excited about all the components in Proposition A, but of course this new community center will be the centerpiece of the project. It has been designed to meet the needs of our residents, but thought has also been put into it so that this building can adapt to changes and future needs that might come our way.

Next Time – Understanding the Financials of Proposition A

Here's a LINK to Article #3 in this series. In that post I’ll review the financial components of Proposition A. I plan to provide a breakdown of the costs associated with the proposition and will clarify how the project will be financed, detailing the bond issue process and its direct impact on our property taxes.

Learn More

We have already had one Town Hall / Open House and resident response was excellent. Join us for more focused discussions on Prop-A at the Community Center in Whitecliff Park for additional open house events:

  • Tuesday, March 19, 2024, from 6:00-8:00 P.M.
  • Wednesday, March 27, 2024, from 6:00-8:00 P.M.
  • Saturday, March 30, 2024, from 10:00 A.M. - Noon

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