Meals On Wheels

Sharing a Facebook post from the Crestwood Police Department…

We've made it pretty clear that providing for our community is a top priority of The Crestwood Police Department. It is something that goes well beyond providing law enforcement for the city. Many immediate aspects of and lets just face it, follow up as well, of social services have fallen onto law enforcements shoulders. Really more things than we are trained, staffed, or funded to take on. However, we are where the "rubber meets the road” and will do everything we can to fill the gaps.

Following our community centric attitude, we love taking the opportunity to promote others that are doing what they can to serve the community. This week we learned that our local Meals on Wheels, a not-for Profit all volunteer organization, has openings for those that could use the service of having a hot and nutritious meal delivered to their home. Direct from our local Meals on Wheels.

Do you know anyone who could use a hot meal delivered to your residence Monday-Friday for a nominal fee? Meals on Wheels is accepting new clients in the Crestwood/Sunset Hills area.

Please call Lucille Jacobs at 314.394.0721 or email her at for more information.