Door-to-door Soliciting Prohibited

As summer approaches, door-to-door salespeople will start appearing. In Crestwood that is not allowed.

The Crestwood City Code states:

No person shall go upon land upon which is situated a private residence for the purpose of soliciting orders for the sale of goods, wares and merchandise or for the purpose of disposing of or peddling or hawking the same, not having been requested or invited to do so by the owner or occupant of such private residence.

It also states that charitable solicitation is

… soliciting property or financial assistance of any kind or to sell or offer to sell any article, tag, service, emblem, publication, ticket, subscription or anything of value on the representation that such sale or solicitation of the proceeds therefrom are for a charitable, educational, patriotic, religious or philanthropic purpose…

No charitable solicitation campaign shall be carried on without first having obtained a permit therefor.

So if someone comes to your door in order to sell you a product or service – you can tell them that solicitation is not allowed in Crestwood and that they should leave.

If someone is asking for a chartable contribution, they should show an identification card issued by the City. If they don’t have one, you can tell them that they need to obtain a permit from the City.

This does NOT restrict activities such as the sale of Girl Scout cookies, youth activity fundraisers, etc. It does NOT apply to religious organizations wishing to talk or hand out religious literature. It also does NOT apply to someone wishing to speak or share information for a political campaign or ballot issue. These activities are all allowed.