$500 Reward From Crestwood Police

Vandalism is one of those crimes that just leaves you shaking your head wondering why someone goes to such efforts just to break things. Recently vandals have been causing damage to our park facilities. Some incidents have been a nuisance, while others have caused significant damage which diverts funds and staff time that would otherwise go to improve our parks. As such, this vandalism to our city assets are crimes against you and me.

Some of the recent incidents have included stealing or damaging informational signs, expensive damage to the aquatic center and to storage facilities within the parks. This has gone beyond a single incident and has just become too serious to ignore.

Clearly our parks are large places that are vacant most nights and hard to patrol. However, our Crestwood Police Department are stepping up their efforts to find and prosecute those individuals responsible. To this end, they are asking for your help.

Crestwood is offering a $500 cash reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s) involved in the recent destruction of the City of Crestwood's park facilities and/or equipment.

You can either contact the police via the non-emergency line (314-729-4800), or 911, or via the department’s “CRESTWOOD MO PD” app which can be downloaded for free on The App Store and Google Play.

Please help us keep Crestwood looking good and put these vandals out of business.