Major Updates Planned For Crestwood Schnucks

A major update is planned for the Crestwood Schnucks. According to project plans presented to the city, Schnucks is planning to implement a new design that will include moving some existing features and adding new prepared food options.

Here are some of the biggest changes that I saw on the plans:

  • The pharmacy and related healthcare items will move to the left (south) side of the store. This will push the check-out aisles over slightly to make room.
  • A new “food hall” with three restaurant vendors will be added on the right side, replacing the existing seafood counter and fresh greens display. The food hall will feature ordering counters, eating areas, fountain drink and Kombucha dispensers, and a “Fresh Pour” coffee counter.
  • The three restaurant vendors are not identified (one is generically listed as "Burgers and Bites"), but in their Kirkwood store Schnucks partnered with local restaurants The Greek Kitchen, Seoul Taco, and The Shaved Duck BBQ.
  • The existing seafood counter and freezers will be moved next to the meat counter.
  • The deli counter will remain the same place but will also serve hot pizza. Rotisserie chicken and wings will still be offered.
  • The produce section will move slightly to the left, taking over the baked-goods area.
  • The bakery counter and baked goods will move - facing the existing milk refrigerators.
  • The freezer aisles will be moved to the current wine / soda aisles area.
  • The long main grocery aisles will be split in two, allowing cross access halfway down the aisle.

You can view the full floorplan HERE.

Some work on the Crestwood store has already begun, but the big tasks will begin soon and are expected to complete by November 2023. Schnucks is asking the city for a variance allowing them to perform much of this work at night (normal construction hours in Crestwood are 7am-7pm). The Board of Alderman will vote on that variance at their July 26 meeting. [UPDATE 7/26 - It passed unanimously]

Schnucks recently retrofitted their Kirkwood store (Manchester and Woodlawn) with a similar upgrade (pictures of that store are shown below).