Crestwood Stolen Vehicle Stat’s

Locations of vehicle thefts Jan-2021 through Feb-2022

As we all have heard on the news and social media, thieves have been targeting cars and stolen vehicles are on the rise – even here in Crestwood. The Police Department has been tracking this and car thefts in Crestwood are up 200% from a year ago.

Unfortunately, we seem to be making it easy for thieves as that 71% of the stolen vehicles during the last 13 months were UNLOCKED with the KEYS INSIDE. Amazing.

If those cars were locked (and the keys were not inside) – then car thefts in Crestwood probably would be down instead of up. To help make residents aware, the Police Department put the word out on social media and posted yard signs EVERYWHERE around town.

These thieves are also getting more dangerous, with shots fired earlier this year when someone tried to steal a car that was warming up. It’s easy - take valuables out of the cars and lock them up (even during the day) and we can make our city safer.

That is all - carry on.