Dierbergs and McBride Close on Mall Property

The mall site has new owners!

On January 26, 2022, Dierbergs Markets and McBride Homes announced that they have closed on the property, purchasing it from the Chicago-based UrbanStreet Group. They indicated that site work will begin as early as March. Streets and buildings will start construction sometime in the fall. I've already noticed surveyors and traffic engineers working on Sappington and Watson earlier this week.

McBride plans to start selling the 81 planned homes this fall. They have received strong interest from the community and already have over 175 names on their "interested" list. Starting price for the homes will be around $350K.

This is very positive news and confirms the stated commitments from both Dierbergs and McBride to develop the site. We should also start to see additional site plans and permit requests presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission later this year as the start of building construction gets closer.