Work on Whitecliff/Vauk Service Road

As you may know, there is a gravel service road that connects the Whitecliff upper parking lot with Vauk Lane. Crestwood workers often use this service road for quick access to the park from the southern parts of the city. During the past few weeks, city workers began the process to pave this gravel road.

This will remain as a single-lane service road, only for authorized city vehicles. The existing “authorized vehicles” sign will be replaced with a newer one and the city is considering installation of a lockable chain barrier.

While this road is not intended to be used as a public entrance to the park, there may be a time in the next year or so when that will be the case, on a temporary basis. The Whitecliff bridge over Gravois Creek is scheduled to be replaced and it is likely that during that construction the service road on Vauk will be a temporary entrance. Those plans are still to be determined.

There have also been multiple times in the past when the main entrance to Whitecliff was flooded and this was used for emergency access.