New Gym Floor

As you may have read in the last Quarterly Report, a ground water leak in the Whitecliff Community Center gym caused damage to the floor. The leak was first discovered in October 2020 and with assistance from Missouri Flooring ongoing testing and monitoring helped to locate the source of the water. Crews repaired the outside area causing the leak and the floor was again monitored throughout the fall and winter.

The wood floor had warped, and mold was growing below. Missouri Flooring advised the city that the entire floor would need replacement, as that the existing floor system was no longer manufactured and the age of the floor prohibited repair of the large impacted area. So, the city filed an insurance claim and proceeded to have the floor replaced.

Subsequently, it was discovered that the materials under the floor contained asbestos, so remediation was required. That work has been completed and installation of the new floor has begun. The hardwood maple flooring will be installed over a flooring system that provides improved shock absorption and vibration damping. Basketball, volleyball, and pickleball lines will once again be painted on the new floor.

A replacement floor has been on the city’s to-do list for several years, but it never made it to the top of that list. The total floor replacement cost will be over $135K, but the city’s insurance will cover everything, minus the city’s $50K deductible. While this isn’t $50K that the city had hoped to spend this year, it worked out to get the new floor at a savings of $85K. I don’t know the anticipated completion date, but I would imagine it will be sometime in May.