2021 City Budget Approved

The Board of Alderman approved the 2021 Budget at their November 24 meeting.

City staff had to do a lot of "what if" planning to come up with an estimate for 2021 revenues, due to unknown impacts to COVID-19. Revenues fell sharply in 2020 during the shut-down, but had a strong recovery during the summer months (at least in Crestwood). Sales taxes revenues are funded from various sources with differing formulas. Only a small percent is determined purely on sales within Crestwood, while others come from state and county pools that depend on resident counts and other factors.

For 2021 the city is anticipating total revenues (from all sources) of approximately $13.179M and total spending of $13.788. This reflects a decrease in anticipated revenues of about 5% and a decrease in spending by 8%, compared to last year's budget. It should be noted that although we are planning to spend more than we will receive in 2021, that was our plan last year (to accomplish some big projects), but much of that spending was postponed until 2021.

Planned projects for 2021 include:

  • Fire Department Rescue Tools - $20K
  • New Fire Rescue Truck downpayment, $100K
  • Police Department Replace 10-year old firearms and radar unit, $10K
  • Replace Police laptops in cars, $29K
  • Replace one Police car, $48K
  • Whitecliff and Sanders Rubber Playground Surface Replacement, $53K
  • Sappington House - Gutters and downspout discharge updates, $10K
  • Sappington Cemetery - Replace failing retaining wall, $65K
  • City Hall - Replace old windows, $250K
  • Annual Street Repairs, $545K
  • Sidewalk Repairs, $75K
  • HVAC unit at Community Center, $175K
  • Whitecliff Quarry Phase 1, $235K
  • Whitecliff Quarry Phase 2 (Pavillion, Water treatment), $310K
  • Whitecliff Bridge Replacement Phase 1 (planning / engineering), $215K