New Rules for ATV's

A request was previously made for the Public Works Board to look at the operation of off-road vehicles and all-terrain vehicles in the City of Crestwood. Recently, there have been complaints of these vehicles being driven on roadways and driven on private property in a careless way so as to endanger the operator and the property of the operator and the property of others.

This was reviewed by the Public Works Board and they recommended the new amendment to City Code which is comparable to State and County requirements.  An ordinance adding new language to the city code was passed at the June 28 Board of Alderman meeting. 

In summary, the new code defines what an "off road vehicle" is and states where they can and can't be used within the city.  They are NOT allowed on streets, sidewalks, paths, trails nor on private property within 100 foot of a property line...  Basically they are prohibited just about everywhere in Crestwood.

The full text of the ordinance and new city code can be read here.